HEVAN was established during spring 2011 in Berlin. What once began
with a simple idea of creating a bag for own needs developed into a passion.

HEVAN`s design is rooted in traditional East Anatolian craftsmanship and
reinterpreted with contemporary aesthetics. The brand name HEVAN means
in kurmanji tucker bag or leather pouch. These bags were worn from
inhabitants of the mountainious regions in order to preserve food in it, as
they were on a multi-day walk to travel from village to village.

Since we refined our knowledge working with leather goods we started to
expand our product range by rolling out wallets in 2015. What also began with the idea to craft a wallet for own purposes evolved in to a concrete product launch.

We are happy to offer you a new HEVAN accessoire. Every finished wallet will have the same minimalist aesthetic, premium quality likewise our bags by using same leather materials and manufacturing by hand in Berlin.

Motivated to create a brand based on high quality and minimalism, we are
about to reincarnate intercultural artworks and play out our creative souls.

...and did you know that each bag is named after a village in East Anatolia!?